Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days

Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days are coming up in Ridgetown July 7 and 8.

Highlights of interest to tomato and pepper growers include:

  • Nematodes Unearthed – Discover which ones are working with you and against you (with Dr. George Bird – Nematologist, Michigan State University)
  • Moving Soil – plow, disc or chisel – They all move soil. What is the impact on the field and the crop?
  • Growing Bio-Energy Crops in Ontario – Tackling the challenges of producing the crops here
  • Vines that Entwine – Identifying the vine weeds of Ontario

Pre-registration is required. Due to the large expected enrollment, we will be offering the program on two separate days. Registration will be limited to 200 registrants per day. The program will be the same for each day.  The cost for the day is $95.00 per person (HST included).  This includes the program, lunch, refreshments and an information package.

For more information or to register, visit the Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days website.

Minor use label expansion granted for Rimon 10EC insecticide for management of caterpillar pests of peppers

J. Chaput, OMAFRA, Minor Use Coordinator, Guelph

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of a minor use label expansion for RIMON 10EC Insecticide for control of European corn borer on field peppers.  RIMON 10EC (novaluron) was already labeled for management of several insect pests on apples and potatoes in Canada. Continue reading Minor use label expansion granted for Rimon 10EC insecticide for management of caterpillar pests of peppers

Late blight confirmed in Ohio

From Sally Miller, Professor of Plant Pathology at Ohio State University:

“Late blight has been confirmed in tomatoes on an organic farm in Harrison County, and a conventional farm in Knox County, OH.  Harrison County is in east/central Ohio, one county west of the Pennsylvania border, and Knox County is in Central Ohio.  This follows confirmations of late blight in potatoes or tomatoes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and New York.  Weather conditions (cool-warm with high moisture – rain or heavy dew) in Ohio have been very favorable for late blight.”

More at:

You Suspect Herbicide Drift – Now What?

Kristen Callow, OMAFRA Weed Management Program Lead – Horticulture; Leslie Huffman, OMAFRA Apple Specialist

Crop injury caused by herbicide drift is guaranteed to cause misery and confrontation, not to mention insurance claims and legal charges.  No one wins when herbicides drift – the applicator loses two ways: his herbicide misses the target, giving poor weed control, plus he is liable for damage; the “receiving” grower loses yield, crop health, perhaps timely markets plus his time. Sometimes our environment loses, and in general, agriculture loses in the public eye. Continue reading You Suspect Herbicide Drift – Now What?

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