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Tomato Day 2017

District 1 of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers and OMAFRA present…….

The 41st Annual Tomato Day
Thursday, March 2, 2017     8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Countryview Golf Course
25393 St. Clair Rd. (Hwy 40), Dover Centre, ON

Admission: $30 (includes educational program, trade show, hot lunch).
No preregistration required.

Program: Continue reading Tomato Day 2017

Tomato fruit rots

There are many potential causes of fruit rot in tomato. In processing crops, we often see them when crop maturity is getting ahead of harvest.


Anthracnose on tomatoThe most important fact to know about anthracnose fruit rot of tomato is that while symptoms appear only on ripe fruit, infections can be initiated on green fruit (you can’t see those infections). Fungicide programs must begin early enough to prevent the initial infection of green fruit. You can’t spray away an infection that’s already happened.

Black mold (alternaria)

Black mold (alternaria) on tomato fruitOverripe tomato fruit may develop black mold caused by Alternaria alternata. Symptoms can range from small, dark blotches to large sunken areas Lesions may develop soft, black fungal growth in warm, humid weather. Black fungal growth may also develop on existing wounds or lesions. Continue reading Tomato fruit rots

Stink Bug Alert!

Hannah Fraser, Entomologist – Horticulture, OMAFRA – Guelph

Vegetable and fruit growers should be on the look-out for signs of stink bugs in their fields and orchards. In the last few weeks, we have visited apple orchards in Niagara with fruit showing damage that is characteristic of stink bugs (Figures 1-4). Early injury is easy to overlook (Figures 5 & 6). We have also seen injury in tomatoes (Figure 7-8). Continue reading Stink Bug Alert!

Seasonal Topics – August 29, 2016

Stink bug damage on tomatoAugust 29, 2016 — Some topics are relevant year after year, but you might not always take the time to filter through previous posts to find them. I’ve highlighted some here that might be of interest this week. Click on the preview images below to jump to the articles. Continue reading Seasonal Topics – August 29, 2016

Late blight spores detected in Dufferin and Simcoe counties – 2

Advanced late blight symptoms

The Ontario Potato Board reports that for the second time this season, late blight spores have been detected in their spore traps in the Shelburne and Alliston areas. Late blight symptoms have not been detected, but it means that spores were present in the area. Continue reading Late blight spores detected in Dufferin and Simcoe counties – 2

Late blight update – July 28

Early foliar symptoms of late blightTo date, I know of no confirmed cases of late blight in Ontario, but there have been a couple of reports out of Michigan (on potatoes). Nevertheless, our experience of recent years would indicate we are likely to see it in Ontario tomatoes at some point in the season.

Remember that conventional tomato growers using a recommended fungicide program for early blight, septoria leaf spot, and anthracnose, are also protecting the crop from late blight infection. Cloudy and high humidity or wet conditions are favourable for late blight.  The pathogen prefers cool temperatures.  The disease is suppressed by hot, dry weather, but it can continue developing and spreading when suitable conditions return.

If late blight is found in the area, tomato growers should: Continue reading Late blight update – July 28