Video presentations online: from the breeding program to your field

Janice LeBoeuf, OMAFRA Vegetable Crop Specialist, Ridgetown

Steve Loewen has produced two excellent video presentations based on his Tomato Day talk on the Ridgetown Campus tomato breeding program.

They can be accessed from the Tomato Day page on the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers website or from the research reports section of the Ridgetown Campus website.

Part 1: How do the processing tomato breeding lines released from the Ridgetown breeding program get to my field?

  • What is a breeding line?
  • What does a seed company do with a Ridgetown breeding line?

Part 2: How does a seed company get access to the seed of the Ridgetown program’s breeding lines?

  • How are the lines actually released?
    • How are the lines commercialized?
    • Why are there some details that can’t be disclosed?

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