Bulb and Stem Nematode in Garlic Project

The GGAO and a group of researchers from OMAFRA, AAFC and the University of Guelph have received funding to test garlic bulbs from across the province for the presence of stem and bulb nematode.  This pest is relatively new to many growers and can cause substantial damage in certain years.  It is spread by infested seed but can also remain in the soil without a garlic crop for several years.  There are different races of this nematode which can infect a wide range of other crops. The project is aimed at growers selling through Farmer’s Markets, roadside stands, retail and wholesale.  Testing for this pest under this ABP project is free of charge to the grower.
Please contact Michael Celetti at 519-824-4120 x58910, michael.celetti@ontario.ca  or Marion Paibomesai at 519-826-4963, marion.paibomesai@ontario.ca by July 29 if you are interested in participating.

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