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Irrigation water quality survey – volunteers needed

At the OPVG District 1 Tomato Day in February of this year, there was a lot of interest in the talk on irrigation water quality and a desire to learn more.  This season, Anne Verhallen is conducting a survey on field tomato irrigation water quality.

She is looking for tomato growers who would like to have a sample taken of their irrigation water for analysis of pH, EC, nitrogen, phosphorus, bicarbonates, total dissolved solids, and sulphates.  Note that microbial analysis is not part of the project.

The project has some sites that are being sampled several times through the season, but in order to look at a full range of irrigation sources, this wider survey is being conducted.

If you are interested in having a water analysis done and being part of the survey, please contact Sadie Miller at the Ridgetown OMAFRA office (519-674-1690 or  She will need your name and contact number as well at the closest 911 address for the access to the water source and as much description as needed for her to get to the water source.  Names and location details, of course, will be kept confidential.  If possible, you could fax a map and description to 519-674-1564 (attention Sadie Miller – Irrigation Project).

To review the irrigation water quality presentation from Tomato Day, see Irrigation pH briefs:  too high, too low, or just right on the OPVG website.

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