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Minor Use Label Expansion Granted for Poast Ultra Herbicide for Weed Control on Celery in Canada

J. Chaput, OMAFRA, Minor Use Coordinator, Guelph

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of a minor use label expansion for POAST ULTRA herbicide (sethoxydim) for control of labeled weeds on celery in Canada. Poast Ultra herbicide was already labeled for use on a wide range of Canadian specialty and minor crops including most Brassica vegetables, spinach, carrots, dry bulb onions, beets, potatoes, lettuce, chicory and many other fruit crops and field crops.

This minor use submission was sponsored by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Pest Management Centre in late 2010 in response to minor use priorities identified by celery producers and extension personnel.

Weed management has been a priority for producers of celery and the registration of Poast Ultra herbicide will provide celery producers with an effective and useful weed management tool.

Poast Ultra herbicide can be applied at a rate of 0.32 to 1.1 L product per ha as a post transplant application in a water volume that ensures thorough coverage as per the current label directions. Apply between the 1 to 6 leaf stage of grasses. Do not exceed the maximum rate of 1.1 L per ha per season. The pre-harvest interval for celery is 30 days.

Poast Ultra herbicide should be used in an integrated weed management program and in rotation with other management strategies. Follow all other precautions and directions for use on the Poast Ultra herbicide label.

We also wish to acknowledge the assistance of the personnel of BASF Canada Inc. for their support of this registration and the personnel of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for evaluating and approving this important pest management tool.

For copies of the new minor use label contact Marion Paibomesai, OMAFRA, Guelph (519) 826-4963, Kristen Callow, OMAFRA, Ridgetown (519) 674-1335 or visit https://agro.basf.ca/basf/agsolutions/SelectRegion.htm


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