Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days 2014

The program details are now online for Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days 2014, July 9-10 at Ridgetown Campus.

SWCDD Brochure 20142014 Program Agenda

Registration opens at 8:15 am, program begins at 8:45 am.

  • Herbicide Injury in Corn – Learn to recognize the symptoms caused by new and common products.
  • Herbicide Injury in Soybeans – A hands-on look at herbicide injury in soybeans.
  • Similar but not the Same – Resistant and problematic weeds along Ontario’s borders.
  • Pathogens Evolve! – Genetics, fungicides, environment, etc., are no match. How, why and what to look for!
  • Soybean Physiology, Fertilizer and Fungicide—what have we learned about soybean fungicide’s, staging and more!
  • Early Season Soil Pests and IPM – Learn how to ID, predict and manage these wisely!
  • Improving N Use Efficiency! – Is protected nitrogen worth the cost? What nozzles cause the least leaf burn? What is the right split? All this and more to grow your best wheat crop!
  • N Strategies for Corn- Impact of timing, nitrogen fertilizer products and application techniques on getting more N into the corn crop.
  • Effects of preemergence corn herbicides on overseeded annual ryegrass -Demonstration of the effects of several preemergence herbicides on establishment and growth of annual ryegrass overseeded into standing corn.
  • Making the link – soil biology and production – From sampling and testing, to crop management options.
  • Native Pollinators and Natural Enemies Learn about some of the key species and the roles native pollinators and natural enemies in the agricultural landscape.
  • Windbreaks – Wind Speeds and Other Benefits -Windbreak effects on wind speeds, air movement and crop production.

The same program runs both days, so choose the day you want to come.  For more information or to register, visit

Click here for a pdf of the SWCDD Brochure 2014.

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