Empty seed and pesticide bag pilot program returns to Ontario

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Farmers in Ontario are being offered expanded options to manage their empty seed and pesticide bags this year. CleanFARMS will be operating an extended pilot project to collect and safely dispose of empty bags, at no cost to participating farmers.

This pilot is part of the agricultural industry’s commitment to the responsible management of its products throughout their entire lifecycle and will help determine the feasibility of a permanent program.

“This pilot project will build on the solid agricultural stewardship programming that is already in place in Ontario and provide farmers with more options for managing packaging waste on the farm and contributing to long-term goals of keeping agricultural waste out of landfills,” said Barry Friesen, general manager of CleanFARMS.

CleanFARMS will collect, transport and ensure collected bags are safely converted to energy at facilities that have extensive emission controls and meet all necessary provincial and federal approvals. Farmers can contribute to a clean and healthy environment by ensuring that empty seed and pesticide bags end up in the right place.

“The end-of-life stewardship programs that CleanFARMS operates play an important role in our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship” said Mark Brock, chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Funding for this pilot program is provided by CropLife Canada, the Canadian Seed Trade Association, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs.



May to September 2015

COLLECTION SITES                                                                                     

Collection sites will be located at participating retailers in Ontario. A list of participating retail collection sites can be found at


  • Empty pesticide bags: multi-walled paper, plastic and aluminum
  • Empty seed bags: multi-walled paper and polywoven plastic

How to return Bags:

  • Obtain free collection bags from select agricultural retailers.
  • Ensure that your seed or pesticide bags are empty.
  • Place the empty bags in the collection bag.
  • Return your full, tied bags to a participating retailer. Bags will be accepted free of charge and sent for safe disposal.

CleanFARMS is a not-for-profit industry stewardship organization committed to environmental responsibility through the proper management of agricultural waste. For a list of all recycling programs, visit

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