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GF2 for Fruit and Vegetable Producers – Do you have an eligible project?

Growing Forward 2 is accepting another round of applications from November 16 to December 7. You might have a food safety project for your produce operation that could be eligible for funding.

Consider sending in an application if you are looking to improve food safety for your fruit and/or vegetable farm. You may be eligible if you have a project that will contribute to:
• Your operation being ready to obtain an audit to a national or international food safety program.
• Laboratory documentation validating your cleaning and sanitation procedures and/or acceptable water quality and/or acceptable pathogen levels in compost.
• Building upgrades that prevent food safety risks from occurring (e.g., shatterproof lighting, cleanable surfaces, air curtain to separate incompatible areas).
• Equipment that will immediately reduce a food safety risk (e.g. bin washer, knife sanitizer, automated sanitation chemical dispenser, water treatment equipment).

Growing Forward 2 has established projects that address food safety through worker practices, pest control, pre and post-harvest water, soil amendments and cleaning and sanitizing as the highest priority.

Do you have a food safety project in mind? Contact Christine Card for more information at (519) 826-3337 or 1-888-466-2372 ext. 63337 or

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