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Reading List: Neighbour problems

Updated January 12 with Farm Practices Conflict Resolution information.

When it’s cold and blustery outside, maybe you can stay in and catch up on some reading. Here are a few helpful resources under the theme of neighbour problems.

Top 10 Common Law Drainage Problems Between Rural Neighbours

This OMAFRA Factsheet is not new, but it has a lot of good information, if you’ve ever wondered, “Do I have to let my neighbour run his tile across my place to a sufficient outlet, and do I have to help pay the costs?” or “Can my neighbour outlet his tile over the fence onto my land, end it a few metres away from the property line on his side, or outlet it into my private ditch?”

2,4-D- and Dicamba-tolerant Crops — Some Facts to Consider

This factsheet is from a group of weed scientists with Purdue University. It gives a relatively balanced view on the potential positives and negatives of future widespread use of 2,4-D and dicamba formulations on field crops.


If you’re worried that some of your neighbourhood sprayer operators don’t yet have their equipment optimized to avoid drift, these guys say maybe you can point them to another good resource, Sprayers101.

If neighbour relations take a turn for the worse, turn to OMAFRA’s Farm Practices Conflict Resolution Process factsheet. It will tell you what to do if conflict arises and you are unable to resolve it through discussions with your neighbour.

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