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Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops

Weed ID Guide for Ontario CropsFeaturing over 120 species commonly found in and around agricultural fields, the Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops is now available in the following formats.

  1. ePub format (124 MB file for Kindle, iBooks and other e-reader apps): click to download
  2. pdf format (8 mb file): click to download
  3. print ready .pdf (141 mb file): click to download
  4. print copy (printing and shipping costs apply, volume discounts available) can be ordered from the following website: http://www.blurb.ca/b/7797011-weed-id-guide-for-ontario-crops
    • The price is $37.51 for one copy
    • 10% discount if you order 10 or more

1 comment on “Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops

  1. I think we should stop calling everything we can’t grow for profit a weed. Many are healing plants, others may have some extreme toxicants that could harm humans and animals. I belief it is part of a incredible web of life that we are part of, a diversity, that sustains a healthy ecosystem. If we start destroying this delicate web of life, we start destroying ourselves. Weeds are opportunistic, if we give them the perfect growing condition, like poor, depleted sick soil loaded with chemicals, they drive. They will always outsmart the lab coats !! We have to learn to work with the system, and not fight it in every aspect.

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