2017 Growing Degree Days for European Corn Borer – June 24, 2017

Bivoltine: The first generation of European corn borer adults are just past peak flight levels.

Overlap: The overlap areas will experience sustained ECB pressure as the bivoltine moths are at peak flight and the univoltine moths are now emerging.  Pest pressure in both areas is expected to increase over the next week.

Univoltine: In the univoltine areas (Eastern Ontario) first flights of moths are beginning to emerge.

Scout all sweet corn fields regularly as soon as the tassel begins to emerge from the plant. For more information on European corn borer management in sweet corn, visit our Ontario CropIPM pages

Note: we are experimenting with this new format for communicating growing degree days for European corn borer. As we refine the techniques the quality of the charts below will improve. Thank you for your patience.

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