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Late blight found in New York State on Tomato

Underside of late blight lesion in moist conditions

Late blight has been confirmed on tomato plants near Syracuse, New York (Onondaga County). At this time the late blight strain is not believed to be a known or common strain.


Late blight NY State
Map courtesy of USAblight (http://usablight.org/map)

The late blight confirmation is the first reported in the North East this season. The find is close enough that potato and tomato growers in Ontario should be on alert for this disease. Scout your fields regularly and remove any cull piles and volunteers from your farm. Tomato growers can refer to this handy post on late blight and look-alikes : Tomato Late Blight Look-Alikes

More information on the find in New York can be found at the link below

Devastating plant disease for potatoes and tomatoes detected early this season

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