Cucumber Downy Mildew

Cucumber Downy Mildew Update – June 29, 2018

Field cucumber scouting is underway in Kent and Norfolk.  There were no reports of downy mildew for the week of June 25-29th.  However, this is a good time to get out and scout the early plantings.  Especially after a week of overcast, wet weather. Low levels of angular leaf spot have been observed in some fields.

The downy mildew forecasting system is only as good and the information reported into it.  If you suspect downy mildew in one of your fields, please report it as soon as possible.  This allows us to get it confirmed and then add the information into the ipmpipe system.  Individual grower information and the exact location is always kept confidential.  To report or confirm cucurbit downy mildew in Ontario, contact

Angular leaf spot lesion on cucumber.

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