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Introducing: New VCR Weather and Pest Dashboard

In an effort to make weather data, growing degree days (GDD) and pest forecasting information more up-to-date and accessible we are launching a Weather Dashboard.

This Weather Dashboard will provide weather and pest information for each of the regions currently covered in the Vegetable Crop Report plus a few more newly added.

Each region will have a visual display of GDD and precipitation vs. the 10-year average. There are also region-specific pest thresholds that visually display when pests have reached a given threshold.

Growers are invited to check out the new tool and explore the data for a station nearest you. Historical weather data is currently available up to 2017 while previous year’s data will continue to be added.

As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

2 comments on “Introducing: New VCR Weather and Pest Dashboard

  1. Kevin Belluz

    Thunder Bay?

    • Dennis Van Dyk

      Not yet, but it’s coming. We’re hoping to add some more Northern Ontario sites in the next expansion.

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