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What’s Growing ON? Podcast Season 2

Kristy and Cassie are back with a second season of the What’s Growing ON? podcast. Episodes for this season will feature talks with OMAFRA specialists that cover general horticultural topics across multiple commodities.

We kick off this season talking about labour efficiencies and improving on-farm productivity.

In Part 1, Kristy chats with Engineer Specialist, John Van de Vegte, and Fruit Specialist, Kathryn Carter about ways to evaluate on-farm productivity in orchards and vineyards and the importance of establishing baseline productivity measures. 

In Part 2, Cassie continues the conversation with John who provides some examples of value add and non-value add activities in vegetable operations, and discusses the future direction for automation and labour saving technologies in field vegetable production.

Accessible formats of episodes available upon request. Music by Scott Holmes.
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