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New Carrot Herbicide Options for 2022

There are some new herbicide options for carrot growers to control weeds in 2022, Tough 600EC and Ultra Blazer. This will give growers a few more options with the current linuron supply issues.

As you may have seen in Tuesday’s Fresh News from The Grower e-Newsletter, Tough 600EC has been registered for an Emergency Use Request (EUR) for the 2022 season. A special thanks to the Fresh Vegetables Growers of Ontario (FVGO) for sponsoring this EUR!

In addition to the EUR for Tough 600EC, a User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion (URMULE) has been approved for Ultra Blazer.

Here are some further details about both products:

Tough 600EC (pyridate)

Post-emergence control of labelled broadleaf weeds

Registration Period: May 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Group 6 herbicide

Weeds controlled: redroot pigweed, common lamb’s quarters, black nightshade, false cleavers

Application rate: 0.5-0.75 L/ha (202-303 mL/acre)

Application details: Apply to actively growing carrots in the 2 to 7 leaf stage of crop growth.  Use an appropriate spray volume that will provide sufficient coverage of the target weeds. Apply Tough 600 EC Herbicide at the high rate when weed pressure is high or for harder to control weeds.  Apply to carrots when the weeds are young and actively growing. 1 application per season.

REI: 12 hours
PHI: 60 days

Further considerations: Tough 600EC Herbicide has exhibited crop tolerance to carrots in development trials when used according to label recommendations and rates.  However, Tough 600EC Herbicide has not been tested on all carrot varieties for tolerance. Use the following considerations prior to applying Tough 600EC Herbicide to carrots:

  • Test the product on a small area first, under local conditions and using standard practices, to confirm the product is suitable for widespread application.
  • Do not apply if the crop is under stress caused by nutrients, disease or insects or climatic conditions.
  • Apply to carrots which are actively growing, that have sufficiently hardened off and have a substantial waxy cuticle. 
  • Avoid irrigation in the 3 days just prior to herbicide application.
  • Delay application for 3 days after rainfall, cool, or cloudy weather to allow the crop to harden-off.
  • Consult with your Belchim representative prior to adding any surfactants or tank-mix partners not specifically mentioned on the label.
  • Do not apply Tough 600 EC Herbicide when temperatures exceed 25˚C, as crop injury may result. Application of Tough 600EC Herbicide is discouraged when the 24-hour temperature difference is >10C, as this may increase the risk of crop injury.

Comments: Research conducted by Dr. Clarence Swanton at the University of Guelph has identified this post-emergence product with good crop tolerance.

View the Tough 600EC label

Ultra Blazer (aciflurofen)

Post-emergence suppression of redroot pigweed

Group 14 herbicide

Weeds suppressed: redroot pigweed

Application rate: 94 mL/ha (38 mL/acre) NOTE: micro-rates, much lower than the rate registered for use on soybeans.

Application details: apply after carrots have emerged and redroot pigweed is in the 2-4 leaf stage. Apply with 0.5% v/v of Assist Oil Concentrate. 1 application per season.

REI: 12 hours
PHI: 40 days

Comments: A priority identified in the 2012 Minor Use Meeting, the Ultra Blazer URMULE has been a long time coming and should be a helpful tool in the fight against Group 5 & 7 resistant pigweed.

View the Ultra Blazer label

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