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Anthracnose Update for Peppers

By Amanda Tracey and Katie Goldenhar

On August 3, 2022 the first anthracnose lesion was reported on an early maturing banana pepper variety in Kent County. With the recent discovery of a new and more aggressive species of anthracnose (Colletotrichum scovillei) in 2021, it is important that growers in this area are aware of this occurance.

All pepper fruit, from freshly set to fully mature, are susceptible to infection from this anthracnose species and should be protected by specific fungicides weekly. Table 1 outlines products currently available for use against anthracnose in peppers.

Active ingredientProductFRAC GroupMaximum # of applications per yearPre-Harvest Interval (days)
copper sulphateCopper 53WM1102
captan **Catan 80 WSPM433
azoxystrobin/ difenoconazoleQuadris Top11 & 33*1
difenoconazole/ benzovindiflupyrAprovia Top3 & 74*1
difenoconazole/ pydiflumetofenMiravis Duo3 & 72*0
fludioxinil/cyprodinilSwitch12 & 930
Table 1. Fungicides registered on field peppers for the 2022 field season for anthracnose.
** Note that captan is an Emergency Use Label for one year.

For more information on anthracnose and management strategies, check out our post from March 14, 2022, Anthracnose Control in peppers – the old and the new.

If you suspect anthracnose in your crop please reach out to Amanda Tracey (519-350-7134) or Katie Goldenhar (519-835-5792) for confirmation and support.

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