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VCR – Vegetable Crop Report – May 4th, 2023

The VCR (vegetable crop report) is a weekly update which includes crop updates, weather and growing degree summaries for various vegetable growing regions across Ontario. Continue Reading VCR – Vegetable Crop Report – May 4th, 2023

The Vegetable Crop Report is back for another season! Most regions have experienced a wet April compared to their 10-year average.

Brassica Crops – A portion of head brassica acreage has been transplanted over the last week in warmer areas of the province in fields that were well drained.

Carrots – Early seeded carrot fields have now been sitting in cool and wet soil conditions so keep an eye out for Pythium damping off. See the picture below for symptoms.

carrot root with brown pythium lesions
Figure A. Carrot taproot with brown discoloured areas from Pythium infection

Garlic – The emergence rate across the province has been high with few plants showing winterkill. Plants are generally between the 3 to 6 leaf stage across the province. Expect tip burn on older leaves if temperatures below -4°C are observed. Side-dress or fertigate additional fertilizer as soon as possible, as the amount of nitrogen in applications should be reduced to avoid rough bulbs at harvest if the plants have passed the 5th leaf stage. Scout the field every few days and look for wilted plants. Dig up suspect plants and inspect the roots and the base of the clove for Seedcorn maggot larvae, millipedes or wireworms (Figures 1-3). Many areas experienced warm night temperatures early in April which may have triggered adult leek moths to emerge from overwintering sites. Now is a good time to set up leek moth traps to monitor for the 2023 season.

Figure 1. Seedcorn maggot fly larvae found at the base of a wilted garlic plant in May 2019.
Figure 2. Millipedes feeding on a garlic clove from May 2019.
Figure 3. Wireworm found at the base of a garlic plant in 2017 – Joe Jubelius.

Onions – With the wet and cool weather, fields where direct seeded onion have been planted have been slow to germinate.

Potatoes – Early planted potato fields have been slow to emerge but should be progressing well with the upcoming weekend weather.

Pest Degree Day Forecasting

*NOTE: Data as of May 1st, 2023

CountyCarrot Rust FlyOnion MaggotCarrot WeevilAster LeafhopperTarnished Plant BugCabbage MaggotSeedcorn MaggotEuropean Corn Borer
THRESHOLD329-395, 1399-1711210-700, 1025-1515138-156, 455+128+40+314-398, 847-960, 1446-1604200-350, 600-750, 1000-1150See legend below
Simcoe County***1421217451298712143
Thunder Bay31213008210

*- Bivoltine region for ECB. First Peak Catch: 300-350 DD, Second Peak Catch 1050-1100 DD

**- Overlap region for ECB. First Peak Catch: 300-350 DD Second Peak Catch 650-700 DD, Third Peak Catch 1050-1100 DD

***-Univoltine region for ECB. Peak Catch 650-700 DD

Use these thresholds as a guide, always confirm insect activity with actual field scouting and trap counts.

Select a region below for the latest weather, crop and pest degree day information:








Thunder Bay







Wellington Centre

Wellington North


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