Publication 838 2019 Supplement

This supplement contains only new product registrations and changes from November 2016 to October 2018.
For complete information, please see the full edition of Publication 838 – Vegetable Crop Protection Guide 2018.

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The information in this publication is general information only. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs does not offer any warranty or guarantee, nor does it assume any liability for any crop loss, animal loss, health, safety or environmental hazard caused by the use of pesticides mentioned in this publication. This publication lists a number of brand names of pesticides. It is neither an endorsement of the product nor a suggestion that similar products are ineffective. Consult each product label before you use a pesticide.

The pest control product label is a legal document. It prescribes how the pest control product can be legally used. Users are responsible for ensuring that they are complying with all directions stipulated on the most current product label. Read the most current pest control product label thoroughly before application. Copies of all pest control product labels are posted online by the PMRA and may be found at:

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PHI: Pre-harvest interval
REI: Restricted entry interval

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