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Changes to PMRA pesticide label search online

Janice LeBoeuf, OMAFRA Vegetable Crop Specialist, Ridgetown

Update: February 2011

The PMRA has now implemented a new pesticide label search online, but I’m happy to report that the pdf files of pesticide labels remain available online.  As in the previous search tool, you can open the pdf file of the label by clicking the registration number in the search results.  See the February 10, 2011 post for more information.

In the name of accessibility, the PMRA is removing the pdf files of pesticide labels from their online label search site.

In the past, you could visit their online pesticide label search tool to search by active ingredient, product name, keyword, or other criteria.  You could then click on the product registration number to open/print/download a pdf of the most up-to-date label.

Now, according to a notice on their website “full documentation (portable document format [pdf]) will only be available by request through email or postal mail.”  This is to be implemented this summer.

2 comments on “Changes to PMRA pesticide label search online

  1. mtl_ripper

    Yes, this was true, but later the decision was revised and PDF were once more available.

    There has been a notice up for a couple of days: “Service Interruption

    The Public Registry and Labels Search are experiencing an unplanned service interruption and access is anticipated to be unavailable until February 1st, 2011.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this temporary interruption to our services.

    When service is restored, Health Canada will be deploying the new Common Look and Feel (CLF) 2.0 version of the Public Registry and Labels Search. The purpose of CLF 2.0 is to meet Treasury Board’s requirements for on-line accessibility. The new version will contain the same information, and navigation between pages will remain unchanged. The tabular structure in the Public Registry will be slightly reformatted, and as indicated on this website since September 2010, PDF documents in the Public Registry will be provided by auto-email rather than via direct link.

    Please note that immediate access to PDF Pesticide Labels will remain unchanged.”

    So, if you have the URL for a specific label you could type it in and still get it but, thus far the search tool itself has not yet been restored in updated format but I expect it would be soon.

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