A handy way to stay up-to-date

There are a lot of ag-related blogs, news feeds, twitterers, and assorted online information channels that one could follow to stay connected.  It’s handy to have this information come to you instead of having a list of websites that you need to visit regularly to see what’s new, but it can still take time to check your e-mail notices, twitter account, RSS feed reader, and other tools.

I find it handy to set up a personalized homepage where I can see my new information as it comes in.  If you have a Google account, you can set up an iGoogle page, as I have done.

Example of a personalized iGoogle page
Example of a personalized iGoogle page

I set this as my home page and I can see the weather, news and ag-related items from the twitter accounts I follow, the latest from the RSS feeds I follow, sunrise/sunset times, what’s on my calendar for the next few days, and more.  You can add tools for CBC or other news outlets, e-mail, to do lists, metric converters, and choose from hundreds of others.

If you have handy hints on staying current with ag information in this world of instant updates, please share.  Pass along your favourite ag blogs, twitter accounts, apps, or other sources of online information, too.  I’ll share some of mine and some of yours in future updates.

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