Spring 2011 tomato weed management tips from Dr. Darren Robinson, Ridgetown Campus

There are many weed management scenarios that have gone astray this spring in tomato fields.  Here are some suggestions from Dr. Darren Robinson, Weed Management Researcher at Ridgetown Campus.

  1. If you have a field that hasn’t been planted yet, the herbicide has already been applied, and the weeds are big: Apply a non-selective, non-residual herbicide like glyphosate, especially if you aren’t going to work the field again before planting.
  2. If the field has been planted and the weeds are getting too big for some POST sprays: This is a difficult scenario because there are simply no solutions other than hand-weeding or tillage between the rows, and then resuming the spray program to control smaller weeds.
  3. With metribuzin (Sencor): Wait 3-4 days after an extended period of cloudy weather before applying metribuzin to tomatoes.
  4. Plants that are stressed due to saturated soils or being held in the greenhouse: Use micro-rates of metribuzin (Sencor) and use Prism, rather than Pinnacle. (Note: Micro-rates of Sencor are 120 ml/ac of the flowable formulation, or 80 g/ac of the dry formulation.)

Always read and follow label directions.

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