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Western bean cutworm – time to scout

Field crop scouts and entomologists have been finding western bean cutworm (WBC) eggs recently and reports are now coming in of hatching.

WBC were first found in Ontario in 2008.  They are best known for their damage to corn and dry beans.  Refer back to the article Is western bean cutworm a threat to Ontario vegetables, May 9, 2011, for information on possible vegetable hosts.

If you find WBC egg masses or larvae on vegetable crops, Ontario researchers would be interested in hearing about it.  A WBC egg mass was reported last week on a tomato plant.  The eggs have hatched and entomologists have confirmed that they are WBC.

This presentation ( – pdf) includes photos and descriptions of WBC eggs, larvae, and adults as well as information on scouting and how it has been spreading.

Other helpful WBC documents at include:

Visit for more information on western bean cutworm in Ontario.

Please contact me if you find WBC eggs or larvae in tomatoes (or other vegetables).

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