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Quebec and Ontario Baby Spinach Growers Receive Urgently Needed Emergency Use Registration for Seed Corn Maggot

J. Chaput, OMAFRA, Minor Use Coordinator, Guelph

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of an emergency use registration for DIAZINON 5G Insecticide for control of seed corn maggot (SCM) in Quebec and Ontario on baby spinach.  This pest control product was already labeled in Canada for control of other insects on spinach. 

Seed corn maggot has been identified as an increasingly problematic pest of concern for baby spinach growers.  As the acreage of baby spinach has increased, so too has the problem of damage from seed corn maggot.  In 2011, the problem has reached crisis proportions as there are no registered pest control options available.

The following is a brief summary of the emergency use registration for SCM on baby spinach on the Diazinon 5G label.  Consult the full product label for detailed instructions, precautions and restrictions. 

For management of SCM on baby spinach, apply 22 kg product per hectare prior to seeding and lightly incorporate.  One application per crop is permitted with a pre-harvest interval (PHI) of 20 days.

Follow all other directions for use on the Diazinon 5G label carefully.  This product should be used in an IPM program and in rotation with other management strategies to adequately manage resistance.

We wish to thank the personnel of OMAFRA and Ministère Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation du Quebec for their input, support and assistance and for preparing the rationale documents on behalf of Ontario and Quebec baby spinach growers.   We also wish to thank the personnel of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Quebec Environment and UAP Canada for their support of this registration and the personnel of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for evaluating and approving this important pest management tool.  Special thanks are expressed to the Vert Nature Inc. and Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario who helped to cover the submission fee for this emergency use registration.

For a copy of the emergency use label contact Marion Paibomesai, OMAFRA, Guelph (519) 826-4963, Jim Chaput, OMAFRA, Guelph (519) 826-3539 or visit UAP Canada Inc. website at www.uap.ca.

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