Learning about natural enemies of vegetable pests

The Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group, a team of vegetable research and extension staff in the Great Lakes region, have put together an online collection of information on natural enemies of vegetable pests.

From parasites to predators, knowing about these natural enemies, along with how to identify and encourage them, is fascinating — and useful.

Here are the resources you can find at http://glvwg.ag.ohio-state.edu/projects.php#NatEnemies:

  • Natural Enemies of Vegetable Crop Pests (video)
  • Natural enemies identification (bulletin)
  • Beneficial Insects for Vegetable Production (presentation)
  • Enhancing Natural Enemies in Crops Using Flowering Plants (presentation)
  • Impact of Strip Tillage on Natural Enemies of Cabbage (presentation)
  • Thinking Outside the Crop: Influence of Surrounding Landscapes on Ecosystem Services in Crop Fields (presentation)
  • Importance of Biological Control (presentation)
  • Using Insectary Plantings on Your Farm (presentation)
  • Beneficial Nematodes: Effective Biological Control Agents (presentation)
  • Natural Enemies and Insecticides (presentation)


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