Dr. Jason S.T. Deveau, Application Technology Specialist

Want an easier way to select nozzles for your field sprayer applications? Well then wait no longer because TeeJet Technologies has a free new app for iPhone, iPad and Android systems that can help you choose!

The TeeJet SpraySelect Tip Selector application (figure 1) follows helpful online resources like Wilger’s Tip Wizard: http://www.wilger.net/tipwizard.php and OMAFRA’s own calibration resource:  http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/sprayer/ep75.htm. What’s nice here is that it’s mobile and has a very friendly interface. Of course, it only proposes TeeJet nozzle solutions, but that’s to be expected. Here’s my review on the iPad version.

Figure 1 - Title Screen
Figure 1 – Title Screen
Figure 2 - Preferences Screen
Figure 2 – Preferences Screen

When you first install the app you’ll come to a preferences screen (figure 2) where you can select the units (red arrow 1) and language you’re most comfortable with (red arrow 2). Save the selections and if you want to change them later you can select the small grey gear symbol in the top right of the following screens.

Enter your sprayer settings (figure 3). First your travel speed (red arrow 1), then your nozzle spacing (red arrow 2), then the output you intend per area (red arrow 3). Finally, you indicate whether you’re applying a fertilizer or not (red arrow 4). Click the green arrow to move on.

Figure 4 allows you to customize your spray quality before the app makes nozzle suggestions. First you indicate the nature of the pesticide (red arrow 1). The options are Systemic, Contact and Soil-Applied. You’ll see the ideal nozzle rate based on the sprayer settings you entered on the last screen (red arrow 2). There’s a fourth option under “application type” called Droplet Size, which leads you to choose the median droplet size the nozzle will produce. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) developed the droplet size classification system (ASABE S-572.1) that ranges from extra fine to ultra coarse based upon median droplet sizes measured in microns (red arrow 3). With all this information selected, the application will suggest one or more nozzles and pressures that will satisfy your requirements (red arrow 4). Choose the tip you’re interested in, and then click the green arrow to move on.

Figure 3 - Sprayer Settings Screen
Figure 3 – Sprayer Settings Screen
Figure 4 - Nozzle Suggestions
Figure 4 – Nozzle Suggestions

The final screen (figure 5) names the tip (red arrow 1), shows the tip (red arrow 2), and shows the droplet size using ASABE colours at a given pressure (red arrow 3). Finally, there’s a catalogue description on the tip (red arrow 4).

Figure 5 - Nozzle Details
Figure 5 – Nozzle Details

This is a simple and effective app and well worth a bit of space on your mobile phone or iPad.


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