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Prism Herbicide rate increase for field tomatoes

The minor use request for a rate increase for Prism Herbicide 25% Dry Flowable for weed control in field tomatoes has been approved by the PMRA.

The updated part of the label reads:

For control of triazine resistant lambs quarters, hairy nightshade plus other broadleaf weeds listed on the PRISM® Herbicide label, apply PRISM® Herbicide as a single post-emergent spray at a rate of 140 grams/hectare + 0.2% v/v non-ionic surfactant (AGRAL* 90) to field tomatoes, at least 21 days after transplanting the crop. Weeds which emerge after application of PRISM® Herbicide will not be controlled. Application should be made when the majority of weeds have emerged. Use ground equipment only. Use in a minimum of 200 litres of water/ha. Do not harvest crop within 30 days of treatment.

Read the rest of the label, too, before using the product.  For a copy of the updated label, email janice.leboeuf@ontario.ca.

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