Minor use label expansion granted for Movento® 240 SC Insecticide on several crops and crop groups

J. Chaput, OMAFRA, Minor Use Coordinator, Guelph

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of a minor use label expansion for Movento® 240 SC insecticide (spirotetramat) that includes control and/or suppression of several insect pests on bulb vegetables, sweet corn, and artichokes  in Canada. Movento® 240 SC insecticide was already labeled for management of a variety of insect pests on a range of crops in Canada.

These minor use submissions were sponsored by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Pest Management Centre (AAFC-PMC) in response to minor use priorities identified by producers and extension personnel in Canada. Several of the projects were jointly sponsored in collaboration with the U.S. IR-4 program.

Management of these insect pests with Movento® has been a high priority for producers of several crops, including bulb vegetables, artichokes, and sweet corn, and these registrations will provide producers with another insect management and resistance management tool.

The following is provided as a general, abbreviated outline only. Users should consult the complete label before using Movento® 240 SC insecticide.

 Crop / crop group Pest(s) Rate
Comments** PHI
Bulb vegetables, CG3-07 Thrips (larvae) 365 Max. 2 applications per season/ minimum 7 day application interval 3 days (dry bulb subgroup);7 days (green onion subgroup)
Sweet corn Aphids 220 – 365 Max. 1.1 L/ha allowed per season/ minimum 7 day application interval 7 days(50 days if being harvested for silage)
Artichokes Aphids 220 – 365 Max. 1.833 L/ha allowed per season/ minimum 7 day application interval 3 days
** consult label for details regarding appropriate water volumes and timing of applications.

Movento® insecticide should be used in an integrated pest management program and in rotation with other management strategies. This product is toxic to pollinators through direct contamination of pollen and nectar; follow buffer zones and do not apply this product during crop flowering period or when flowering weeds are present in the field or orchard. Take all possible measures to reduce spray drift. Follow all other precautions and directions for use on the Movento® insecticide label.

We wish to acknowledge the personnel of Bayer CropScience Canada Inc. for their support of this registration and the personnel of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for evaluating and approving this important pest management tool.

For copies of the new supplemental label contact Jim Chaput, OMAF & MRA, Guelph at (519) 826-3539 or visit the Bayer CropScience Canada website at www.bayercropscience.ca.

Note: This article is not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation for this particular product, but rather a notice of registration activity.

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