Wanted: Your Striped Cucumber Beetles!

Research scientists Dr. Ian Scott (AAFC-London) and Cheryl Trueman (U of G-Ridgetown) are collecting striped cucumber beetles in south western Ontario to test for resistance to imidacloprid (Admire). If you have cucumber beetles and would like to participate in the study, please contact one of the researchers listed below. All efforts will be made to collect insects from your location as soon as possible. Cucumber beetles from an organic farm or other site where beetles have not been exposed to imidacloprid are also needed.

Figure 1.Striped cucumber beetles with a) yellow legs with black ‘knees’, and b) three black stripes extending all the way down the wings. (Note that western corn rootworm legs are all black and stripes to not extend all the way down the wings). Photo credit: C. Trueman.

For locations in Essex, Kent, and west Elgin contact:
Cheryl Trueman, 519-674-1500 x63646 or ctrueman@uoguelph.ca

For all other locations in southwestern Ontario:
Ian Scott, 519-457-1470 x281 or ian.scott@agr.gc.ca

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