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Leek Moth Update – 4 July 2013

In 2013, pheromone traps were installed in early April in Brant, Oxford, Perth and Wellington Counties and Waterloo Region. Leek moth were captured at a Waterloo Region site beginning April 22nd – 29th with trap captures continuing until May 15th – 21st for a total of 14 leek moth captured during the first flight period. The second flight period began June 19th– 26th and has continued for the last couple weeks for a total of 6 leek moth captured during this flight period so far.  There are usually three flight periods during the growing season based on data from Eastern Ontario, but there could be 4 generations in the southwestern Ontario or even 5 generations in the extreme southwest portions of the province.

Leek moth larva found feeding inside an onion leaf
Leek moth larva found feeding inside an onion leaf

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Other Resources

Refer to Ontario CropIPM online at and OMAFRA factsheet—Leek Moth—A Pest of Allium Crops for more information.

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