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2014-15 Vegetable Crop Protection Guide Available Soon!

Ontario Vegetable Crop Protection Guide, 2014-15

The Ontario Crop Protection Guides are revised on a bi-annual basis.  Many people ask “how much really changes from year-to-year?”  The answer is a lot!

  1. New products! As new insecticides and fungicides become registered, the crop profiles change.  There may be newer, better options to control your pests or to help prevent the development of resistant populations in your vegetable crops.
  2. New uses are added to older labels.  The success of the minor use program as well as joint Canada/US minor use initiatives means that there are a significant number of new uses registered each year.
  3. Pest control products are constantly under review by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.  Re-entry intervals and pre-harvest intervals may change as a result of these re-evaluations.

In fact, the 2014-15 edition is almost 2x bigger than the previous one!

In today’s complex farming environment, it is often hard to stay on top of every new technological development.  Let the OMAF-MRA specialists take care of the changes to crop protection for you. OMAF’s 2014-15 Vegetable Crop Protection Guide gives you one place to look for the full range of current options.

The Vegetable Crop Protection Guide (publication 838) will be available for purchase in early May at the Service Ontario Warehouse or at a regional OMAF-MRA office near you.  For more information call the OMAF-MRA contact centre at 1-877-424-1300.

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