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Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days 2015

The program is out for Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days 2015, July 8-9 at Ridgetown Campus.

  • Hitting the Goldilocks Spot – Managing residue and building soil structure for better crop establishment.
  • Roots and Shoots – Digging deeper into cover crops.
  • Weed-posium Workshop – Problematic Pigweeds, a small group that presents some big challenges.
  • Narrowing the Yield Gap of 30” Soybean Rows – Wide rows are becoming more popular and have a number of advantages. Do inputs such as banded fertilizers, foliar fungicides, and foliar fertilizers work ? This stop will also address how light interception impacts yield.
  • Timing Matters – Determining cereal stages for application of growth regulators, fungicides and nitrogen.
  • Herbicide Injury in Corn – Learn to recognize the symptoms caused by new and common products.
  • Herbicide Injury in Soybeans – A hands-on look at herbicide injury in soybeans.
  • Feeling the Pressure – How nozzle pressure affects spray quality and coverage. A demonstration of the negative impacts of using spray nozzles outside their ideal pressure range…. and it happens all the time.
  • Water Use Efficiency – Is water the next limiting factor in crop production?
  • Disease Management and ID – IDing common diseases and management options such as fungicides for soybeans and corn.
  • Carbon Copy Corn Plants – Quantifying plant stand variability and its impact on corn yield potential

For more information or to register, visit or download the brochure.

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