Seasonal Topics – August 29, 2016

Stink bug damage on tomatoAugust 29, 2016 — Some topics are relevant year after year, but you might not always take the time to filter through previous posts to find them. I’ve highlighted some here that might be of interest this week. Click on the preview images below to jump to the articles.

As vegetable crops come off the fields, the opportunity is there to build and protect the soil with cover crops. Looking at your options? This online decision tool will help.

A web-based cover crop decision tool for growers in Eastern Canada

Stink bugs were also a seasonal topic back in July, but if they’ve been hiding well, you may only now be finding their damage with harvest underway. This article gives tips on scouting and identification.

Stinkbugs in tomatoes

Originally posted on ONfruit, there are handy tips here for vegetable growers as well, who have warm-season grasses seeded or who are ready to seed a cover crop mixture.

Mid Summer Cover Crop Management

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