Events highlight what’s new in Horticulture

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Conference (OFVC) and Great Lakes Expo (GLEXPO) are held annually in February and December. Both shows have research sessions where recent trials are presented as well as trade shows that showcase equipment and other products. Here are just a few things that were exciting to learn about at each of these events:

Robotic, single row weeder

Oz Autonomous Mechanical Weeding Robot – OFVC

This row crop weeder lasts up to 8 hours and travels up to 1.5 km/h (0.6 mph). It can weed up to 2 cm from the crop and has multiple attachments that can be used depending on the crop. Red stakes are placed at the end of rows and the machine weeds between the stakes and depending on what you program, moves towards the next row.

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Single Row Robotic Reader
OZ autonomous robotic weeder
OZ autonomous robotic weeder



Cabbage harvester


This cabbage harvester uses belts to pick up the cabbage and pull it to a cutting disc mounted near the ground. Once cut, a large rubber belt gently moves the cabbage to a sorting table. From there, the heads are placed in a bin that lowers as it fills to prevent injury to the heads.

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Cabbage Harvesting
Single row ASA Lift Cabbage Harvester

Controlled atmosphere storage totes


These controlled atmosphere totes extend the storage life of vegetables. They maintain balanced levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the harvested crop even while the it respires. They work by reducing the penetration of oxygen inside while easily letting carbon dioxide out. It’s a passive membrane that does not require any addition of gas. There is a gas meter that should be used to regularly monitor gas levels inside the totes. Red or green caps can be placed on ports on the totes in order to maintain gas levels.

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JMT US Storage Totes
Chinese cabbage in JMT US Storage Totes
List of storage times other growers have experienced using JMT US controlled atmosphere totes

Multi-row, inter-row weeder

Oliver Agro – GLEXPO

A photoelectric sensor is able to detect plants and move knives to disturb the soil between the plants while traveling at an average speed of 1.5 km/h (0.9mph). Unlike a camera, this sensor is able to detect the plant based on an interruption in the beam/light between the two plants which causes the synchronized opening of the knives by compressed air. Since there is not a camera or computer processing what is the crop or what is the weed, this machine would be targeting small weeds right after emergence or disturbing the soil on a regular basis to prevent weeds from establishing.

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Cabbage Harvesting
Optyma Inter-plant weeding machine by Oliver Agro
Cabbage Harvesting
Machine works with two blades moving in and out between plants between rows

Electronically driven asparagus harvester

Specialty Vegetable Equipment / Engels – OFVC

A battery powered asparagus harvester that follows the row. The machine allows the pickers to be as close to the ground as possible with the ability to move ahead quickly if there is an area without crowns.

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Cabbage Harvesting
Engels asparagus harvester




A full list of exhibitors can be found online on both of the event’s websites: 

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