What’s Growing ON? – Episode 1

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What’s Growing ON?

Digging up the latest dirt on Ontario horticulture production. What’s Growing ON? is hosted by Cassandra Russell and Kristy Grigg-McGuffin. This podcast features conversations with crop specialists from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs on production, pest management and other best management practices for fruit, vegetables and specialty crops.

Episode 1: Garlic Scapes & Fire Blight

In our first episode, we are joined by Travis Cranmer, Vegetable Crop Specialist for alliums, brassica and leafy vegetables to introduce us to the benefits of removing garlic scapes and Katie Goldenhar, Pathologist for horticulture crops to discuss the risk of fire blight of apples and pears after bloom. Plus, Ontario crop updates for June 8th, 2020.

Music: Aspire by Scott Holmes

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