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Beleaf Insecticide label expanded via Minor Use Program for management of tarnished plant bug on leaf petiole and leafy vegetables in Canada

J. Chaput, OMAFRA, Minor Use Coordinator, Guelph

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of minor use label expansion registrations for Beleaf® Insecticide for the suppression of tarnished plant bug (TPB) on leafy greens, crop subgroup 4-13A and leaf petiole vegetables, crop subgroup 22B and an increased rate for aphids on stone fruit, crop group 12-09 in Canada. Beleaf® Insecticide was already labeled for use against insects on many crops in Canada.

These minor use proposals were submitted by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Pest Management Centre as a result of minor use priorities established by growers and extension personnel. 

The following is provided as an abbreviated, general outline only. Users should be making pest management decisions within a robust integrated pest management program and should consult the complete label before using Beleaf® Insecticide.

Crop(s) Additional Target Pests Rate (kg/ha) Application Information PHI (days)

Leafy greens, crop subgroup 4-13A*

Leaf petiole vegetables, crop subgroup 22B*

Tarnished plant bug (suppression)

0.2 (3 applications)


0.3 (2 applications)

Apply when tarnished plant bugs first appear in the field and before populations reach high levels. Scout fields and reapply if necessary.

Allow a minimum of 7 days between applications.

Do not apply more than 3 applications per year.

0 days

Updates to the label for Brassica leafy greens subgroup, 4-13B, Head and stem Brassica crop group 5-13 and celtuce, fennel and kohlrabi were also part of this label update.

*CG4-13A: Amaranth, Chinese; Amaranth, leafy; Aster, Indian; Blackjack; Cat’s Whiskers; Cham-chwi; Cham-namul; Chervil, fresh leaves; Chipilin; Chrysanthemum, garland; Cilantro, fresh leaves; Corn salad; Cosmos; Dandelion; Dang-gwi; Dillweed, fresh leaves; Dock; Dol-nam-mul; Ebolo; Endive; Escarole; Famefower; Feather cockscomb; Good King Henry; Huazontle; Jute leaves; Lettuce, bitter; Lettuce (head and leaf); Orach; Parsley, fresh leaves; Plantain buckhorn; Primrose, English; Purslane, garden; Purslane, winter; Radicchio (Red Chicory); Spinach; Spinach, Malabar; Spinach, New Zealand; Spinach, tree; Swiss Chard; Tanier Spinach; Violet, Chinese.

*CG22B: Cardoon; Celery; Celery, Chinese; Fuki; Rhubarb; Udo; Zuiki as well as cultivars and hybrids of these commodities.

Beleaf® Insecticide is toxic to certain beneficial insects and non-target terrestrial plants.  Do not contaminate off-target areas or aquatic habitats when spraying or when cleaning and rinsing spray equipment or containers.

Follow all other precautions, restrictions and directions for use on the Beleaf® Insecticide label carefully.

For a copy of the new minor use label contact your local crop specialist, regional supply outlet or visit the PMRA label site

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