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2022 OFVC is Back!

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention (OFVC) is back in-person for 2022 after a brief hiatus. It begins tomorrow Feb 23 and runs until Thursday Feb 24 at the Niagara Falls Convention Center.

Come for the Trade Show and stay for the educational sessions. Here is a list of sessions that may be of interest to vegetable growers:

Wednesday February 23 – Morning 9:30-12

Sweet Corn and Cucurbits

9:30 Sweet Corn Pest Management Update
Elaine Roddy, OMAFRA
10:00 Strip Tillage – What Can Sweet Corn Growers Learn from the Field Corn Experience?
Ben Rosser, OMAFRA
10:30 Rainfastness of Vegetable Fungicides
Daniel S. Egel, Purdue University, USA
11:00 Phytophthora Rots in Pumpkins and Squash – The Scourge of 2021!
Katie Goldenhar, OMAFRA

Innovations in Ag Robotics

9:30 Agricultural Robots – What to Expect and Are They Worth the Investment?
Sougata Pahari, Korechi Innovations Inc.
10:00 Precision Robotic Weeding for Vegetable Crops
Teric Greenan, Nexus Robotics
10:30 Effectiveness and Efficiency of Field Robots
Chuck Baresich, Haggerty Creek AgRobotics

Wednesday February 23 – Afternoon 2-4


2:00 Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Garlic Crop
Travis Cranmer, OMAFRA
3:30 Clean Seed Production
Candy Keith, University of Guelph

Incorporating Biopesticides Into IPM

2:00 Where Do Biopesticides Fit in a Disease Management Program for Vegetables
Dr. Margaret McGrath, Cornell University, USA
2:30 Biological Solutions for Small Fruits and Vegetables
Dr. Surendra Dara, Oregon State University, USA
3:00 Efforts to Effectively Integrate Biopesticides into Management Programs Using Best Horticultural Practice and Disease Forecasting
Dr. Kerik Cox, Cornell University, USA
3:30 Role of Biopesticides and Cover Crops in Integrated Disease Management of Vegetable Diseases
Dr. Cheryl Trueman, University of Guelph

Thursday, February 24 – Morning 9:30-12

Emerging Pest Issues in Peppers

9:30 New or Not? Biology and Management of Anthracnose Fruit Rot on Peppers
Dr. Anthony Keinath, Clemson University, USA
10:10 Internal Fruit Rot of Pepper: a Greenhouse Foe Now Causing Issues in The Field
Dr. Genevieve Marchand, AAFC
10:50 Managing Stink Bugs in Vegetables: A Summary of 10 Years of Research in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.
Dr. Thomas Kuhar, Virginia Tech, USA

Soil Health and Cover Crops for Vegetable Production

9:30 Soil Health Testing – What’s it Worth to You?
Sebastian Belliard, OMAFRA
10:00 Fitting Cover Crops into Vegetable Rotations
Dr. Thomas Bjorkman, Cornell University, USA
10:30 Soil Health and Cover Crops – A Winning Combo for Ontario Vegetable Growers
Dr. Laura Van Eerd, University of Guelph
11:00 Grower Panel – Building Soil Health Pays
Kurtis Allaer, Serkka Farms, James Kingsbury, Sandy Shores Farms

General Labour

9:30 Connecting Ontario’s Agri-Food Workforce
Janice Janiec, Ontario Federation of Agriculture
9:45 Cultivating Non-Traditional Talent
Ingrid Muschta, Ontario Disability Employment Network
10:00 Tools to Manage the People Part of Your Farm
Jennifer Wright, Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council
10:30 SAWP/TFWP Ag Stream 2022 Update
Ken Forth, OFVGA
11:00 Taking Advantage of Your Health and Safety Partnership to Maximize Profits and Lower Risk
Jeff Pedlow, Pamela Resvick, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services
11:30 Employer Registry of International Agricultural Workers Walkthrough
Kelly Jackson, OMAFRA

Managing Food Safety Risks

9:30 Canada GAP Updates: Unannounced Audits and Environmental Monitoring
Heather GaleAmber Bailey, CanadaGAPNote: session is divided in half.
Part 1: Unannounced Audits, Heather Gale
Part 2: Environmental Monitoring Program, Amber Bailey
10:00 Listeria and Other Food Pathogens in the Field
Dr. Laura Strawn, Virginia Tech, USA; Dr. Alexis Hamilton, Virginia Tech, USA
10:30 Understanding and Implementing an Environmental Monitoring Program (TBC)
Dr. Alexis Hamilton, Virgina Tech, USA; Dr. Laura Strawn, Virginia Tech, USA
11:00 Panel Discussion
Dr. Alexis Hamilton, Virgina Tech, USA; Dr. Laura Strawn, Virginia Tech, USA

Thursday, February 24 – Afternoon 2-4

Living Without Linuron

2:00 Pyridate and Linuron-free Weed Control in Carrots
Clarence Swanton, University of Guelph
2:30 Controlling Pigweed in Carrots on Mineral Soil without Linuron
Darren Robinson, University of Guelph
3:00 Potato Options without Linuron in the Tank
Dennis Van Dyk, OMAFRA
3:30 Asparagus Weed Control in a World without Linuron
Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA

Organic Production:
Breeding, Seeds and Implementation

2:00 Crop Functional Traits Through Domestication: Nutrient Acquisition in Organic Agriculture
Dr. Marney Issac, University of Toronto
2:30 No-till Organic Vegetables – Our Successes and Challenges
Ken Laing, Orchard Hill Farms
3:00 Behind the Scenes of Organic Seed
Aaron Varadi, High Mowing Seeds

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