How do you find and use horticulture research?

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To meet increasing expectations for more sustainable production, the horticulture sector needs access to useable information and research about effective best management practices (BMPs).

The Niagara Community Observatory at Brock University is conducting a survey in Ontario’s horticulture sector to learn how research about BMPs is shared, accessed, and used.

The findings from the research will be used to develop more effective ways for sharing and accessing information that support the adoption of Best Management Practices in horticulture.

Your feedback is important, completely voluntary as well as anonymous.

Please participate in the survey by clicking on the link below that applies to you.

Horticulture Producers growing any fruit, vegetable, and specialty crops in Ontario (not greenhouse crops):  link to survey

Researchers/Scientists involved in any aspect of BMP research, including development, design, testing, validation and implementation:  link to survey

Horticulture Stakeholders working on and/or promoting and supporting the adoption of BMPs in Ontario’s horticulture sector, including general farm organizations, commodity associations, agri-business associations, input suppliers (seed, fertilizer, chemicals, equipment), certified crop consultants, agronomists, provincial and federal crop extension/advisory specialists, OMAFRA staff, agricultural journalists and media, agri-environmental organizations:  link to survey

Thank you for your help.

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