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Crop Scouting – Resources for Vegetable Crop Scouts

This is a page where you can access Vegetable Crop Updates, factsheets, and other information and resources on pests, crop problems, soil and plant sampling, and diagnostics.

ontariotomato on twitter

Twitter is a web application that allows you to receive instant updates (tweets) on your computer, cell phone, or other internet device, from those that you “follow”.  ontariotomato highlights issues and resources of interest to tomato and pepper growers in Ontario.  To “follow”, you set up your own free Twitter account, then look for ontariotomato and click “Follow”.   You can send ontariotomato a question or comment by hitting reply or by sending a direct message.  The maximum length of a tweet is 140 characters, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time reading.  Many messages contain links that you can visit for more information.

ontariotomato on delicious

Delicious is a social bookmarking site.  It’s a place you can share your favourite internet links with others.  ontariotomato has a lot of links of interest to tomato and pepper growers in Ontario.  You can click on a keyword to see all the links relating to that topic.

Ontario CropIPM

Try it out!  Ontario CropIPM is online, interactive training and resources on integrated pest management in brassicas, cucurbits, onions, peppers, strawberries, sweet corn, and tomatoes.

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