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Actigard advice

Here’s some timely advice to pass along, from Syngenta’s Jim Anderson, about Actigard.

Newly transplanted tomato showing transplant shock
Newly transplanted tomato showing transplant shock

“Here’s a shot taken last week showing the transplant shock phase that tomato plants naturally go through before establishing in a field.  This occurs roughly five days after transplanting.  Leaves have a blue appearance.  Avoid spraying Actigard until the plant recovers out of this shock.  First Actigard application can begin 10 – 14 days after transplanting, and might best fit a full 14 day wait as plants are in cold wet soils this week, adding more stress to the plants at this time. Do not apply Actigard when plants are under stress.

If mixing Actigard with copper plus chlorothalonil:

  • Fill the sprayer 2/3 full, begin agitation and add Actigard
  • Add copper next
  • Add chlorothalonil last and maintain agitation

Try to spray out the entire load at the end of the day and avoid letting the mix sit overnight in the sprayer as settling will occur.”

Actigard label (pdf)

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