Reminder: Intercept 60 WP Greenhouse Insecticide Registered for Control of Swede Midge on Greenhouse Brassica Transplants

For cole crops growers, just posting a reminder that INTERCEPT 60 WP Greenhouse Insecticide (imidacloprid) is registered for control of Swede midge on greenhouse brassica transplants.

The following is provided as a general outline only. Users should consult the complete label before using Intercept GH Insecticide.

For swede midge on GH transplants of Brassica vegetables (broccoli, Chinese broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, mustard cabbage, nappa cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi), INTERCEPT 60 WP is to be applied as a transplant tray plug drench at a rate of 4.1 grams per 1000 seedlings. Do not use less than 15 L solution per 100m2 of seedling trays. Apply during seedling stage prior to transplanting and allow a minimum of 10 days between application and transplanting. Irrigate treated area lightly after application to ensure INTERCEPT 60 WP reaches the root zone but does not leach out of the plug.

Do not apply more than once per crop season and do not apply within 21 days of harvest for Brassica vegetables.

As noted on the label, many varieties of vegetables have been tested for tolerance to imidacloprid and shown good safety. However, certain varieties may show more sensitivity to application of imidacloprid and therefore, treatment of a few plants is recommended before application is made to the whole greenhouse.

INTERCEPT 60 WP Insecticide should be used in an integrated pest management program and in rotation with other management strategies to adequately manage resistance. Follow all other precautions and directions for use on the Intercept GH Insecticide label carefully.

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