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Processing Tomato Root Disease/Yield Survey – 2012

Processing tomato growers are being invited to participate in a survey of processing tomato fields in southwestern Ontario to investigate the correlation between root rot symptoms on tomatoes and yield. This information will allow for the assessment of the role of root rot in vine decline as measured by yield data. The minimum commitment we would need for a grower to participate is for them to provide some root samples in July/August from a particular tomato variety from one of their fields, and then provide yield data in the fall for that same variety and field.  To maximize the statistical significance of the data collected, our preference for tomato varieties to be included in this survey are: N3306, 337, 5108, 9553, 2401, 696, 9706, and TSH 29.

A grower can submit samples from as many different varieties/blocks as he/she wishes as long as he/she is committed to providing the corresponding yield data. The project team will arrange for pick up of the samples and submission forms on-farm. There will be designated pick up dates across the growing area and samples can be taken up to a week before the pick up date.

We are completing this work using in-kind contributions from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, OMAFRA, and Ridgetown Campus – University of Guelph, therefore the cooperation of growers and other industry members is imperative to the success of the project. We expect to have results from this study available in early 2013. We hope you can participate!

For more information about participating or to arrange sample pick up, please contact Janice LeBoeuf at OMAFRA at 519-674-1699 or janice.leboeuf@ontario.ca.  Agribusinesses and consultants can participate by collecting samples on behalf of their grower clients.

For other questions, please contact Janice LeBoeuf, Ken Conn (519-457-1470 ext. 285 or Ken.conn@agr.gc.ca) or Cheryl Trueman (519-674-1500 ext. 63646 or ctrueman@uoguelph.ca).

Information on individual growers and locations will be kept confidential, and will only be used by the researchers to match samples with the yield and survey data to be collected after harvest.  Reporting will be on pooled results.

Download Submission Form

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Pick up dates (contact Janice LeBoeuf prior to the pickup date to let her know you have samples to be picked up and to provide directions to the farm):

Essex County – July 27, Aug. 2, Aug. 8
Chatham-Kent, north of Thames River – July 25, Aug. 1, Aug. 9
Chatham-Kent, south of Thames River – July 26, Aug. 1, Aug. 10

Samples can be taken up to a week prior to pick up, if kept cool (refrigerator). Download Submission Form

Tomato root sample
Tomato root sample. Remove the top of the plant and shake most of the soil off of the root ball.

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