Reminder – Processing Tomato Root Disease/Yield Survey

Healthy Roots Wanted, Too!  I should have mentioned in my previous post about this survey that you don’t have to have root disease to participate.  We want to have a wide range of roots from perfectly healthy to symptomatic.

To recap: Processing tomato growers are being invited to participate in a survey of processing tomato fields in southwestern Ontario to investigate the correlation between root rot symptoms on tomatoes and yield. This information will allow for the assessment of the role of root rot in vine decline as measured by yield data. The minimum commitment we would need for a grower to participate is for them to provide some root samples in July/August from a particular tomato variety from one of their fields, and then provide yield data in the fall for that same variety and field.  To maximize the statistical significance of the data collected, our preference for tomato varieties to be included in this survey are:N3306, 337, 5108, 9553, 2401, 696, 9706, and TSH 29.

Read more and download the sample submission form at

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