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Minor use label expansion granted for Acramite® 50WS Miticide for control of mites on fruiting vegetables, crop group 8-10

J. Chaput, OMAF/MRA, Minor Use Coordinator, Guelph

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of a minor use label expansion for ACRAMITE® 50WS miticide (bifenazate) for control of two-spotted spider mite (TSSM) on fruiting vegetables, crop group 8-10 in Canada. Crop group 8-10 includes eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, goji berry, okra, tomatillo, etc. Acramite® 50WS was already labeled for management of mites on cucurbit vegetables, apples, stone fruit, caneberries, tree nuts, hops and grapes in Canada.

This minor use submission was originally sponsored by the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Pest Management Centre (AAFC-PMC) in 2004 for eggplant and by the minor use office of OMAF in 2012 for tomatoes and peppers in response to minor use priorities identified by fruiting vegetable producers and extension personnel.

Access to spider mite management tools is a priority for fruiting vegetable producers and the label expansion of Acramite® 50WS will provide producers with an effective mite management and resistance management tool. The following is provided as a general, abbreviated outline only. Users should consult the complete label before using Acramite® 50WS miticide.

Acramite® 50WS miticide can be applied at a rate of 851 grams product per ha (15 pouches per 4 ha) for TSSM in a minimum spray volume of 500 L per ha as soon as mites appear. A maximum of 1 application per season is permitted. The pre-harvest interval for fruiting vegetables is 3 days.

Acramite® 50WS miticide should be used in an integrated pest management program and in rotation with other management strategies. Acramite® 50WS may be harmful to beneficial predatory or parasitic arthropods and is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate these habitats when cleaning and rinsing spray equipment or containers. Follow all other precautions and directions for use on the Acramite® 50WS label.

We also wish to acknowledge the personnel of Chemtura Agrosolutions for their support of this registration and the personnel of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for evaluating and approving this important pest management tool.

For copies of the new minor use label contact Janice LeBoeuf, OMAFRA, Ridgetown (519) 674-1699 or visit , and/or

Note: This article is not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation for this particular product, but rather a notice of registration activity

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