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Irrigation water quality and plant disease webinars

The US National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative have been  holding a 14-session webinar series on plant pathogens and irrigation water.

They started on October 8, 2013, but you can watch recorded versions of the webinars that you’ve missed.  You can also find transcripts of the webinars and in some cases, additional resource materials.


Date Title Presenter
October 8, 2013 A path to plant biosecurity, water and environmental sustainability: SCRI project overview Project Team
November 6, 2013 Disease management and irrigation practices of Mid-Atlantic ornamental nurseries James Pease
December 3, 2013 What plant pathogens could be in my irrigation water? Gary Moorman
January 7, 2014 How do plant pathogens enter and move around irrigation systems? Gary Moorman
February 4, 2014 How do I determine whether water is clean or contaminated? Gary Moorman
March 4, 2014 Chlorination of recycled water in nursery production Chuan Hong
April 8, 2014 Alternative disinfectant water treatment Warren Copes
May 6, 2014 Substrate management practices vital for pathogen risk mitigation Andrew Ristvey
June 3, 2014 Irrigation management practices to reduce pathogen movement and survival John Lea-Cox
July 1, 2014 Locating a new production facility Chuan Hong
August 5, 2014 How may layout of a recycling irrigation system affect pathogen risk? Chuan Hong
September 2, 2014 How may water quality change in my irrigation reservoir? Chuan Hong
October 7, 2014 What are my options to deal with water pH issues in nursery production? Chuan Hong
November 4, 2014 Consumer willingness to pay for certified disease-free and water-conserving ornamental plants James Pease

The webinar series webpage also gives instructions for connecting to the upcoming webinars.  There is no charge to participate. If you have never connected to an Adobe Connect meeting before, you’ll want to follow the connection testing instructions well ahead of time.

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