Late blight update – US confirmations

Late blight foliar lesions
Late blight foliar lesions

Previous 2014 late blight update: July 3.

There have been more late blight confirmations over the last week or so in the US Northeast.  Here’s a summary, with the late blight genotype in brackets, if known:

  • July 10 – Suffolk County, Long Island, New York – tomato
  • July 9 – York County, Maine – potato
  • July 7 – Lagrange County, Indiana – potato (US-23)
  • June 27 – Prince Edward Island – tomato
  • June 27 – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – potato and tomato (US-23)
  • June 26 – Chester County, Pennsylvania – tomato
  • June 26 – New Brunswick – tomato
  • June 23 – Erie County, New York – potato (US-23)
  • June 21 – Cambria County, Pennsylvania – potato (US-23)
  • June 13 – Suffolk County (Long Island), New York – potato (US-23)

To date, I know of no confirmed cases in Ontario. See Late blight update – 2014 07 03 for recommendations on how to protect your tomato crop if late blight is found in our growing areas.

A note on the late blight genotype found so far in the US Northeast in 2014: US-23 is known to infect both tomato and potato.

Tomato Late Blight Photo Gallery

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