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Seasonal Topics – May 30, 2016

Weed growth at 300 CHU or 450 GDD after clean weedingMay 30, 2016 — Some topics are relevant year after year, but you might not always take the time to filter through previous posts to find them. I’ve highlighted some here that might be of interest this week. Click on the preview images below to jump to the articles.

Let’s hope we don’t see any crop damage due to spray drift this season. But if you do suspect herbicide drift damage, what do you do?

You suspect herbicide drift - now what?

Is it safe to mix this chemical and that one? If only there was a way to be sure. There’s an app for that — or an old-fashioned jar test. (There are other tank mix apps, too. What’s your favourite?)

Tank Mixing and Pesticide Compatibility – “The Jar Test”

Tomato growers — here’s a review of some post-emerge broadleaf herbicide ratings from Dr. Darren Robinson at Ridgetown Campus.

Annual broadleaf weed control for POST herbicides in tomatoes

How soon do you have to get in there with those post herbicides? Check out these visuals from Dr. Robinson on how fast weeds grow.

How fast do weeds grow?

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