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Seasonal Topics – June 6, 2016

Tomato injury from PinnacleJune 6, 2016 — Some topics are relevant year after year, but you might not always take the time to filter through previous posts to find them. I’ve highlighted some here that might be of interest this week. Click on the preview images below to jump to the articles.

Are your tomatoes looking a little off after a herbicide application? Time to review the symptoms of injury from post-emerge tomato herbicides, with an article from Dr. Darren Robinson, Ridgetown Campus.

Herbicide injury symptoms from POST herbicides in tomatoes

In some vegetable crops, the options for over-the-top herbicides are limited. But with the right product and equipment, you might be able to treat the row middles.

Spraying Transplant Vegetable Row Middles – What are Your Options?

Nutrient Barrel - fao.orgYou want everything just right for your crop. Does it have all the micronutrients it needs? We’ve all seen that barrel illustration and your fertilizer salesperson has just the prescription for you. But first, let’s review…

Why are iron, copper and boron soil tests not accredited?

So maybe your crop does need a micronutrient. Should you get chelated, sulfate, oxy-sulfate, soluble powder? Should you pick the cheapest — or the most expensive? Here’s some guidance.

Micronutrient Fertilizer Sources – a small amount goes along way

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  1. Grahame Taylor

    Hi Janice, I attended a seminar of yours at the fruit and veg conference and there was talk of changing the bravo label on tomatoes to one use per year if I remember correctly. Has this change been enacted for this 2016 season? Thanks, Grahame

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