Green stink bug nymphJuly 5, 2016 — Some topics are relevant year after year, but you might not always take the time to filter through previous posts to find them. I’ve highlighted some here that might be of interest this week. Click on the preview images below to jump to the articles.

It’s a stink bug time of year, but it can take some fairly intensive scouting to find them. In many crops, like tomatoes, you can readily see the damage, but finding the culprit is a challenge. Is it the invasive BMSB or one of our native stink bugs?

Stinkbugs in tomatoes

With this California weather, leaf wetness is probably not on your mind, but TOMcast DSVs ( continue to accumulate. It’s a good time to review the latest on managing field tomato fungal diseases (and to read that last year at this time, it was quite wet).

Managing field tomato fungal disease

And the title of this last article speaks for itself.

Stay safe my friends


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